Headshot Info

We are back & we’re compliant with current COVID mandates.

The following information (for in-studio actor’s headshots and social media portraits) does not include pricing. For all other commissions or for headshot pricing, please contact us via email.


The way you visually present yourself is a critical component of your online identity. For people who don’t know you, it’s your best chance to make a strong impression. For established relationships, it’s a powerful way to reconnect and stay current.


In addition to working with a seasoned photographer, your session will include an art director skilled in clothing/backdrop coordination.


We include a one hour pre-session meeting, to discuss your objectives, as well as do test shots to see if clothing options, etc. are working. This is the most popular feature of our headshot package and can save an hour or more on the day of the main session. Over the years we have found that clothing will often make or break the shot, so please put some thought into clothing before the pre-session and come prepared.


Package A: This includes everything in the list below. (makeup and hair/grooming is separate).

  • Full pre-session meeting (1 hour).
  • An art director/ clothing coordinator working alongside the photographer.
  • The main session – up to 3 hours – (plus 45 minutes for makeup & hair.) There are no limits on the number of looks, (usually 3 – 6) average 400 – 500 images
  • Web gallery of all the images rated 1 star or over (usually 90 -150 images)
  • Three retouched hires master files, plus low-res versions with various crops, delivered by FTP. Additional retouched hires selects $50.00  – $65.00ea. Unretouched hires selects, no charge.

We also shoot directly to computer and usually go through the images and quickly rate them, making sure we have captured that look before moving on.

Package B: The same as Package A, with the following exceptions:

  • The main Session – up to 2 hours – (plus 45 minutes for makeup & hair). No limit on number of looks, (usually 2 – 3) average 200 – 300 images. (Note: You can always add an extra hour of session time on the day + $100.00)
  • Two retouched hires master files, plus low-res versions with various crops, delivered by FTP. Additional retouched hires selects $50.00 – $65.00ea. Unretouched hires selects, no charge.


Due to added expenses incurred by the MUA in order to comply with current safety regulations, rates have increased slightly. Makeup fees for women are generally $200.00. Fees are paid directly to the makeup artist who will be on set for the duration of the session.  You are also free to book a makeup artist of your choosing. For men, grooming can range from $150.00 to $175.00. For women especially, we find that this is usually well worth the investment. Please allow a week in advance so that we can get the talent we trust for your session.


All photo sessions include an online proofing gallery usually available within 1 to 2 days. Once you’ve made your selects, we will send the retouched high resolution master files, colour corrected, and ready for online posting or printing. (note: retouching up to one hour per image) Any extra advanced retouching will be billed at an hourly rate. You may keep all of the other (unretouched) images in your gallery as well, with no additional charge.

Note on Cropping: Sometimes a crop may appear tight, going into the hair, etc. This is mainly to make an internet thumbnail image more readable, but also reflects limitations inherent in the standard 8×10 print format. We never do this type of crop in-camera, so the full image will always be available and delivered that way if requested. This allows for flexibility of any cropping decisions made later on in post-production.


Although the pre-session meeting is included in the standard headshot rate, we do require a $200.00 deposit (payable on the pre-session day) which is credited toward your session. Any remaining balance is due on the day of the session.


All surfaces are carefully disinfected between sessions and complimentary masks are available for anyone who wants one. Social distancing will be practiced wherever possible with masks/shields utilized when not possible. If you are feeling unwell on the day of, or the night before your shoot, please let us know, and we will rebook for another time without incurring additional fees.


You are free to use the images for all of your promotional, social media, and personal needs. For any paid third-party use that you approve, please have the publication, etc. contact us directly and we will provide the image that they require. All other rights reserved. Hill Peppard Photography retains the copyright to the images.

IMPORTANT NOTICEWe do reply to all email inquiries, usually within a few hours. If you don’t hear back from us within 24 hours, check your junk/spam folder. Thanks!